108 Great South Road, Epsom, Auckland

Booking Terms & Conditions

The following Booking Terms and Conditions apply to individual bookings ONLY (please call our 0800 number for any Group Booking enquiries)

Reservation Policy
Credit card details are required to confirm all bookings, these are held on file and nothing is charged until departure. Cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to your scheduled arrival will incur no charges. 

Payment for all accommodation must be made in full on the day of departure

Cancellation Policy
When confirmed reservations are cancelled inside 48 hours prior to arrival, will incur a cancellation of one (1) nights accommodation against the credit card number held on file.

A full refund is given if more than 48 hours cancellation notice is given.

Payment Methods
Tudor Court Motor Lodge accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, American express and Diners Club. Payments made by ETFPOS or Cash must be made in advance and a bond may be requested.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all our Motel rooms. Management requests that guests respect and adhere to this policy at all times. Smoking in room shall incur a $50 charge to the guest’s account. Guests shall pay any costs that will be used for cleaning the room.

Key Lost
A key lost or not returned shall incur a $50 charge to the guest’s account.
Tudor Court
108 Great South Road, Epsom,
Auckland, New Zealand
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